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Int + German (VDH+VDP) Ch + Pol Ch. Dreams Come True Viva Forever

BOB and Groupwinner,  Res. BIS-Winner, Specialty BIS Winner
Hips A 1, Pat/PRA free, VWd genetic free, 59 cm



Torpaz It `ll Be All White (wh)

  Gunpowders Forbidden Love (wh)  
    Pamplona True Romance (blk)
Flasmyrens Here I Go Again (wh)    
    Onside`s Playbandy (blk)
  Ryhusets Sunset-Beach (blk)  


Flasmyren`s White Marilyn Monroe (wh)

Multi Ch.

Canmoys Rubiazo (wh)


Multi. Ch.

Cipolino Marco Bohemica (wh)

    Multi Ch. Armanda Marco Bohemica (wh)

Multi Ch.

Madonna`s Best Of Viva Forever (wh)

    Härbovis Colle Gaio (wh)
  Ch. Ula Mia The Snowflake v. Blocks Hütte (wh)  
    Kismet von Blocks Hütte (wh)

Viva Forever Poodles
Yvonne Heinl, Mühlenweg 3, 09241 Mühlau, Germany
0049 -(0)3722-408663